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DxDesigner for Expedition PCB Flow

Categories: DxDesigner/xDX Designer

This course will develop your skills in the DxDesigner environment, enabling you to clearly and accurately draw correct-by-design schematics. View course details ↓


Self-paced online training lets you acquire course skills any time, from any computer, complete with software access and hands-on lab exercises. Start your training within minutes of registration! Learn more about on-demand training

Date Language Price
Anytime! English 1,200 USD Register

Live Online classes deliver all the interactivity and depth of the traditional classroom, from the convenience of your own computer, with hands-on exercises and course materials. Learn more about Live Online training

Date Time Language Price
Apr 27–May 12015 8–2 PM
English 2,100 USD Register


Full instructor-led courses in a Mentor training facility, with complete course materials and access to classroom computers.

Date Location Time Language Price
Mar 5–62015 Shanghai China 9–5 PM
Mandarin 5,200 CNY Register
Mar 10–122015 Sesto San Giovanni (MI) Italy 9–5 PM
Italian 1,950 EUR Register
Apr 1–32015 Beijing China 9–5 PM
Mandarin 7,800 CNY Register
Apr 13–152015 Marlborough Massachusetts 9–5 PM
English 2,100 USD Register
May 11–132015 Longmont Colorado 9–5 PM
English 2,100 USD Register
May 19–212015 Sesto San Giovanni (MI) Italy 9–5 PM
English 1,950 EUR Register
Jun 8–102015 Fremont California 9–5 PM
English 2,100 USD Register
Jun 10–122015 Meudon France 9–5 PM
French 1,950 EUR Register
Jul 13–152015 Marlborough Massachusetts 9–5 PM
English 2,100 USD Register
Aug 10–122015 Longmont Colorado 9–5 PM
English 2,100 USD Register
Sep 14–162015 Fremont California 9–5 PM
English 1,400 USD Register
Oct 12–142015 Marlborough Massachusetts 9–5 PM
English 2,100 USD Register
Nov 2–42015 Longmont Colorado 9–5 PM
English 2,100 USD Register
Nov 23–252015 Meudon France 9–5 PM
English 1,950 EUR Register
Dec 7–92015 Fremont California 9–5 PM
English 2,100 USD Register
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Course details

Become more productive when drawing schematics in DxDesigner.  In this course, Mentor’s expert instructors teach you how to use all aspects of DxDesigner, from initiating a project all the way to packaging in order to forward to layout in Expedition PCB.

What you'll learn

Lecture/demonstration discussions will be followed by hands-on lab experiences to reinforce knowledge gained from the lecture material. The course steps you through using DxDesigner on real designs:

  • Setting up a project
    Learn how to create a new project, use templates, and modify the settings to customize your design.
  • Placing components
    Learn how to use DxDataBook to efficiently find, place, and replace components on your board.
  • Creating connections
    Learn how to quickly add nets, buses, special components, and links to your board.
  • Best schematic design techniques
    Learn how to take advantage of the power user features, such as finding/replacing text, manipulating nets, and using the command line.
  • Using hierarchical design
    Learn how to implement the bottom-up process and top-down process hierarchy—advantageous for complex board drawings.
  • Creating symbols
    Learn how to use the powerful symbol editor to meet your complex component requirements.
  • Taking advantage of design reuse
    Learn how to implement design reuse by eliminating wasted effort replicating common circuit modules.
  • Verifying drawings
    Learn how to use DxDesigner’s powerful diagnostics, live verification, and graphical rules checker to ensure professional and accurate drawings.
  • Packaging and forwarding to layout
    Learn how to package using our built in application so that inconsistencies are properly handled before forwarding to layout.
  • Documenting a schematic
    Learn how to generate a BOM, generate a PDF, and archive a project.


Course Information

Prerequisites None
Course Part Number
  • Classroom: 236553
  • Live online: 239691
  • On-demand: 259650

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