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Eldo Basic Simulation

Categories: Eldo

This course will help you acquire the skills needed to perform effective analog simulations with Eldo. View course details ↓

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Course Highlights

You will become familiar with Eldo syntax, devices and sources, and the various types of standard and parametric analyses. You will understand the challenges in performing DC analysis and will learn about the available methods to help DC convergence. You will see how to tune your circuit to use the best-suited algorithms and accuracy control options, and perform measurements on various types of waveforms. Finally you will get an overview of Eldo advanced simulation features, so that later you can maximize your usage of Eldo software.

You will learn how to

  • Set up and run Eldo simulations and interpret results in the EZwave™ Waveform Viewer
  • Define passive and active devices as well as sub-circuits
  • Perform standard analyses and parametric analysis
  • Make effective use of device models
  • Define simple and complex sources and stimuli
  • Deal with DC convergence issues
  • Tune simulation algorithms and accuracy options
  • Extract information from the simulation
  • Go beyond standard simulations with an overview of Eldo advanced features

Hands-on labs

  • Eldo Basics
  • Eldo Devices and Analyses
  • Eldo Sources and Models
  • DC Convergence Aids
  • Basic Post Processing

Course Information


Familiarity with UNIX and Linux operating systems

Practical experience with analog design

Course Part Number
  • Classroom: 242611

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