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Expedition PCB Advanced

Categories: Expedition

This course will help you understand many of the advanced layout options available for Expedition PCB, including many of the purchasable utilities. View course highlights ↓


Our instructor-led online classes offer all the benefits of classroom training without the travel. Participate in a live classroom experience, complete with hands-on exercises and course materials, directly from your office.

Date Time Language Price
Jul 8–152014 8–2 PM
English 2,800 USD Register


Full instructor-led courses in a Mentor training facility, with complete course materials and access to classroom computers.

Date Location Time Language Price
Jun 2–52014 Munich Germany 9–3:30 PM
German 2,600 EUR Register
Jul 28–312014 Munich Germany 9–5 PM
German 2,600 EUR Register
Oct 6–92014 Munich Germany 9–5 PM
German 2,600 EUR Register
Dec 8–112014 Munich Germany 9–5 PM
German 2,600 EUR Register
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Course Highlights

You will learn how to

  • Use graphics command to create complex elements
  • Use schematic cross-probing to place and examine within a PCB design
  • Use advanced placement commands to place, copy and move circuits
  • Import and Export IDF files for 3-D modeling
  • Use Constraint Editor System™ (CES) Net Class definitions to solve routing problems
  • Efficiently work with via and pad definitions and changes
  • Define and use Multi Via Objects (MVOs)
  • More efficiently use inter-active routing commands
  • Use CES to define electrical constraints and classes
  • Route using electrical constraints
  • Work in a multiple designer environment with XtremePCB™
  • Define MicroVias and route using blind and buried definitions
  • Use FabLink™ XE functionality in a PCB design or the Panel Editor
  • Use the Report Writer to document your designs
  • Create and Autoroute bus paths, shielded buses, and match length buses
  • Use Variant Manager to define variants

Hands-on labs

  • Creating complex board outlines and contours
  • Placement from schematics (DxDesigner® or Design Capture™), placement utilities, and Circuit Move and Copy
  • IDF Import and Export
  • Using CES Net Classes to solve routing problems
  • Fanout and padstack processing
  • Interactive routing
  • Physical Constraint Classes and Templates
  • Defining and routing Signal Topology
  • Defining and routing Differential Pairs
  • Defining and routing signal length constraints
  • Defining and resolving crosstalk and parallelism
  • Working in a multi-designer environment with XtremePCB
  • Definitions and routing using MicroVias
  • Using FabLink XE in Expedition PCB and the Panel Editor
  • Defining report documentation using the Report Writer
  • Using the Topology Planning and Routing tools
  • Creating fabrication drawings using Drawing Editor
  • Defining variants using Variant Manager

Course Details


Familiarity with concepts of PCB technology

Familiarity with Windows operating systems

Successful completion of the Expedition PCB Introduction course or adequate experience using Expedition PCB

Without the Expedition PCB Introduction course, instructor permission is required

Course Part Number
  • Instructor-led: 236554
  • Live online: 239697
  • On demand: 257473
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