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Expedition PCB Advanced

Categories: Expedition/Xpedition

This course will help you understand many of the advanced layout options available for Expedition PCB, including many of the purchasable utilities. View course details ↓


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Course Details

In this course you will learn advanced techniques to aid in routing, placement, and constraint editing. The course has been developed and taught by industry experts skilled in the use of Expedition PCB, using a combination of in-depth lecture and hands-on lab exercises.

What you'll learn

Lecture/demonstration discussions will be followed by hands-on lab experiences to reinforce knowledge gained from the lecture material. This course steps you through the following lectures and exercises:

Board outlines

  • Import DXF files
  • Create complex board outlines


  • Learn how to cross-probe with DxDesigner for component placement
  • Place parts using techniques such as key-in commands, place polar array, and copy circuit
  • Place parts by importing an IDF file and exporting an IDF database


  • Create fenced areas for autorouting nets
  • Change width of a trace during plow
  • Use the Constraint Editor System (CES) to help setup rules for routing, nets, and vias
  • Route and tune nets with various topologies

Signal integrity

  • Learn how to route individual nets as differential pairs
  • Calculate differential impedance
  • Tune differential pairs and nets
  • Use rule areas
  • Use multiple via objects (MVO) in a design
  • Create a set of nets with a matched length
  • Use delay formulas to control net lengths
  • Create parallelism rules and apply them to nets
  • Create constraint classes and assign nets
  • Create pin pairs


Course Information


Successful completion of the Expedition PCB Introduction course or adequate experience using Expedition PCB. (requires instructor permission if you haven’t completed Expedition PCB Introduction)

Course Part Number
  • Classroom: 236554
  • Live online: 239697
  • On-demand: 259711

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