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Categories: FloTHERM

This course will teach you how to use the FloTHERM thermal analysis software. Complete with instruction and tutorial exercises, the training guides you through all aspects of model building, using SmartParts and libraries, importing data from MCAD and EDA software, sequential optimization and visualization of results. View course details ↓


Live Online classes deliver all the interactivity and depth of the traditional classroom, from the convenience of your own computer, with hands-on exercises and course materials. Learn more about Live Online training

Date Time Language Price
Apr 20–242015 8–12 PM
English 2,100 USD Register
Jan 25–292016 8–12 PM
English 2,100 USD Register


Full instructor-led courses in a Mentor training facility, with complete course materials and access to classroom computers.

Date Location Time Language Price
Apr 14–162015 Stuttgart Germany 9–5 PM
German 1,950 EUR Register
Apr 14–162015 Hampton Court United Kingdom 9–5 PM
English 1,350 GBP Register
Apr 15–172015 Shanghai China 9–5 PM
Mandarin 7,800 CNY Register
May 5–72015 Stuttgart Germany 9–5 PM
German 1,950 EUR Register
May 6–82015 Wilsonville Oregon 9–5 PM
English 2,100 USD Register
Jun 9–112015 Stuttgart Germany 9–5 PM
German 1,950 EUR Register
Aug 4–62015 Marlborough Massachusetts 9–5 PM
English 2,100 USD Register
Sep 22–242015 Austin Texas 9–5 PM
English 2,100 USD Register
Oct 6–82015 Meudon France 9–5 PM
English 1,950 EUR Register
Nov 3–52015 Fremont California 9–5 PM
English 2,100 USD Register
Dec 8–102015 El Segundo California 9–5 PM
English 2,100 USD Register
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Course Highlights

You will learn how to

This course is divided into two parts:

  1. The first two days of the course is a mixture of lectures, demonstrations, and tutorials designed to introduce you to the basic concepts and different types of conditions. The hands-on tutorials focus on practical examples that you will need for building your own models.
  2. The third day of the course is set aside in order to start building models for applications. This session will include advice on modeling strategies and a way to watch out for. It is suggested that if you have any information on the type of models you would like to build on the course, that you bring them along on the third day.


Day 1

  • Part 1 - Introduction
    • Modeling with FloTHERM
    • Basic Principles
    • Software Tour
  • Part 2 - Creating a FloTherm Model
    • Overview of Modeling Process
    • Creating Basic Geometry
    • Introduction to the Mathematics and Solving Process
    • First Look at Results
  • Part 3 - Advancing the Model
    • Using Building Specific SmartParts
    • Advancing Results Presentation
    • Alternative Results Access
  • Part 4 - Component Modeling and Radiation
    • Modeling Discrete Components
    • Including the Effects of Radiation

Day 2

  • Part 5 - Modeling the Environment and Advanced Grid Use
    • Extending the Model to Include the Surrounding Air
    • Introduction to the Grid Tools and How to Use Them
  • Part 6 - Introduction to Problem Solving
    • Ways of Improving Cooling
    • Diagnosing Solution Problems
    • Obtaining Animated Output
  • Part 7 – Optimizing the Design
    • Introduction to the Command Center
  • Part 8 – Alternative Input Methods
    • Introduction to FloTHERM.PACK
    • Introduction to FLOMCAD
  • Part 9 - Different Applications
    • Discuss Modeling Different Applications
    • Summarize Course

Day 3

    Create your own model – spend the day using the skills learned to set up and solve models of your own application. Any issues can be discussed with the Mentor Graphics staff presenting the course.

Course Information

Intended for

All engineers who have a basic understanding of heat transfer and would like to learn more about thermal modeling of electronic systems using computer simulation and virtual prototyping.

The course is also suitable as a refresher course for existing FloTHERM users.

Prerequisites None
Course Part Number
  • Classroom: 240843
  • Live online: 249687

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