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HDL Designer Series

Categories: FPGA, HDL & Other Languages

This class teaches you to use HDL Designer Series effectively in your FPGA or ASIC design process. The lecture takes you through the HDL Designer Series design flow. This includes modeling the design with both graphics and text, generating HDL, and then simulating and animating the design to verify behavior. View course details ↓


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Date Time Language Price
Apr 13–172015 9–3 PM
English 1,400 USD Register


Full instructor-led courses in a Mentor training facility, with complete course materials and access to classroom computers.

Date Location Time Language Price
Mar 17–182015 Sesto San Giovanni (MI) Italy 9–5 PM
English 1,300 EUR Register
May 5–62015 Bangalore India 9:30–5:30 PM
English 39,420 INR Register
Jun 9–102015 Herzliya Israel 9–5 PM
English 4,048 ILS Register
Jun 15–162015 Singapore Singapore 9–5 PM
English 2,000 USD Register
Aug 3–42015 Bangalore India 9:30–5:30 PM
English 39,420 INR Register
Nov 2–32015 Bangalore India 9:30–5:30 PM
English 39,420 INR Register
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Course Highlights

You will learn how to

  • Set up libraries to hold your designs
  • Model hierarchy and connectivity using block diagrams and IBD
  • Model finite state machines with state diagrams
  • Model sequential processes with flow charts
  • Model combinatorial circuits with truth tables
  • Create and edit component symbols
  • Generate HDL for your graphical/textual design
  • Compile your design for simulation
  • Simulate your design using ModelSim®
  • Animate and debug your design
  • Reuse components
  • Convert existing HDL designs into graphical/textual HDL Designer Series designs
  • Create test benches
  • Manage your design using version management
  • Ensure your design meets required design rules using DesignChecker
  • Interface with a wide range of downstream tools (compilers, simulators, and synthesis tools)
  • Trace requirement references between ReqTracerTM and HDL Designer

Hands-on labs


  • Import existing HDL code into HDL Designer
  • Create block diagrams, state machines, truth tables, and flow charts
  • Create control logic using state machines
  • Generate HDL for your design
  • Create a test bench using a flow chart to provide stimulus
  • Compile and simulate your design
  • Troubleshoot your design using animation
  • Place existing design elements into new designs
  • Implement Altera MegaWizard and Xilinx CoreGen components in your design
  • Import existing HDL design hierarchy into HDL Designer for visualization
  • Run DesginChecker and analyze results
  • Generate HTML documentation

Course Information


Basic knowledge of FPGA and ASIC and design techniques and procedures

Reading knowledge of HDL languages (VHDL or Verilog)

Course Part Number
  • Classroom: 209128
  • Live online: 241391

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