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HyperLynx 3D Analysis

Categories: HyperLynx

HyperLynx 3D Analysis course will help you gain the ability to accurately model and simulate discontinuities such as vias in PCBs in HyperLynx 3D EM environment. View course details ↓

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Course Highlights

This course covers how an area of a board can be exported from HyperLynx BoardSim into the 3D software and further edited in that environment. You will also learn how to create a 3D geometry from scratch. This course will also teach how 3D models are utilized in the HyperLynx SI tool and how an entire design which is a mix of 2D and 3D models is simulated in a time-domain analysis. Hands-on lab exercises will reinforce lecture and discussion topics under the guidance of our industry expert instructors. This course is offered on Windows platform.

You will learn how to

  • Define the main concepts in HyperLynx 3D EM • Define the overall flow for simulating a 3D structure
  • Export designs to HyperLynx 3D EM environment
  • Edit exported designs and create designs from scratch in HyperLynx 3D EM
  • Prepare edited 3D structures for simulations by adding ports to them
  • Perform simulation in 3D environment and create S-parameter models for them
  • Include 3D models in the SI analysis of your overall design

Hands-On Labs

Throughout this course, extensive hands-on lab exercises provide you with practical experience using HyperLynx 3D EM software. Hands-on lab topics include: 

  • Exporting a design from BoardSim to AGIF
  • Setting up design parameters in AGIF
  • Bringing the design to 3D environment (Mgid)
  • Editing and creating 2D/3D designs in Mgrid
  • Adding extension and localized ports
  • Meshing
  • Simulating and creating S-parameters models
  • Performing timing analysis using mixed 2D and 3D structures in HyperLynx SI

Course Information

Intended for

Designers of High-Speed designs in multi GHz range

Hardware Engineers

Signal Integrity Engineers


Familiarity with Windows operating system

Familiarity with concepts of PCB design and technology

Familiarity with HyperLynx SI

Familiarity with Electrical Network Theory (Knowledge of S-Parameters)

Course Part Number
  • Live online: 255914
  • Classroom: 255913

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