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Library Manager for Design Capture to Expedition PCB

Categories: Expedition/Xpedition

Well-maintained and consistent libraries are the keys to efficient design work in Expedition PCB. The "Library Manager for Expedition PCB" course will give you the skills necessary to create, protect, add to and change the different data types in your Central Library. The lecture modules discuss the Central Library philosophy as well as how to use the Library manager tools and how to best interface library objects into your design process. View course details ↓

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Course Highlights

You will learn how to

  • Start a new Central Library and copy elements between libraries
  • Create partitions and set up partition search order schemes
  • Control default text properties and create custom properties
  • Create symbols for use in Design Capture schematics
  • Create padstacks for use in Expedition PCB and the Cell Editor
  • Create cells to represent the part footprint and physical characteristics in Expedition PCB
  • Integrate symbols and cells together to define parts (PDBs) for Design Capture and Expedition PCB
  • Store sub-circuits consisting of schematics and PCB data in the Central Library as Reusable Blocks
  • Maintain Expedition PCB layout templates
  • Use Design Capture and Expedition PCB to test the symbols, cells and PDBs that you defined in the Central Library
  • Use the Parts Manager to add additional properties to parts and then interface those properties to Design Capture
  • Use the Report Writer to develop text file reports about Central Library data
  • Break large symbols into smaller, easily managed and implemented symbols using the Fractured Symbol Partitioner

Hands-On Labs

  • Creating a Central Library
  • Library Manager and Library Services
  • Text Properties
  • Padstack, Basic Cell and Basic Symbol Editors
  • Advanced symbols
  • Cell Editor graphic commands
  • Routing in the Cell Editor
  • PDB Editor basic usage
  • Advanced PDB topics
  • PDB ASCII file
  • Creating Reusable Blocks
  • Parts Manager interface
  • Report Writer
  • Fractured Symbol Partitioner
  • Testing symbols and PDBs using Design Capture
  • Testing cells using Expedition PCB

Key Topics

Day 1

  • Central Library structure
  • Basic Library Manager tools
  • Text properties
  • Basic symbols

Day 2

  • Complex schematic symbols
  • Defining holes, pads and padstacks

Day 3

  • Basic and complex cells

Day 4

  • Basic and complex parts (PDBs) including the PDB ASCII file format
  • Layout Templates

Day 5

  • Reusable Blocks
  • The Parts Manager interface
  • Report Writer
  • Fractured Symbol Partitioner
  • Testing Library elements

Course Information

Intended for

Individuals assigned as librarians for the Expedition PCB environment

Design Engineers and PCB designers who will be responsible for library generation and editing

CAD Managers who will oversee the creation and maintenance of the Central Library


Experience in schematic capture design or PCB layout

Understanding of schematic capture and PCB layout terms and practices

Familiarity with Windows 2000, Windows NT or Windows 98

The "Design Capture for PCB Layout" course is recommended

The "Expedition PCB Introduction" course is helpful

Course Part Number
  • Classroom: 206015
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