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Nucleus FILE

Categories: Nucleus

The Nucleus FILE course is intended to give developers a general understanding of the Nucleus FILE product. Topics covered include a description of the file system, tuning the file system to specific environments, the Nucleus FILE API, and a discussion on driver interface development with Nucleus FILE Driver Templates. When finished with the course, developers should be familiar enough with Nucleus FILE to begin developing applications that utilize Nucleus FILE as their file system. View course details ↓

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Course Highlights

You will learn how to

  • Port and initialize Nucleus FILE to a target system
  • Create files and directories using Nucleus FILE
  • Create and access disk drives
  • Search directories
  • Modify attributes for existing files / directories
  • Step through the process of building a Device Driver

Hands-on labs

Throughout the class, you will examine and run examples of many of the Nucleus FILE components.

Key topics

  • FAT File System
  • Device Drivers
  • File System Registration
  • Mounting
  • File Users
  • Disk Drives
  • Directories
  • Searching
  • File Manipulation
  • File Attributes
  • Device Operations
  • Partition Operations
  • Driver Interface

This course is not intended to cover hardware specific porting issues (aside from a high-level discussion of which routines may need to be ported).

Course Information

Intended for

Engineers currently using or who will be using the Nucleus FILE to implement an embedded, real-time, multi-tasking application


The student should know the C programming language

The student should have rudimentary knowledge of embedded system concepts and terminology

Working knowledge of Nucleus PLUS versions 1.15, 2.X

Course Part Number
  • Classroom: 211854

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