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Valor NPI Advanced

Categories: Valor

This course covers the Valor NPI operations for enhancing the Design for Manufacturing (DFM) analysis throughout the PCB design process. The main focus is the use of the Valor Parts Library (VPL) combined with Valor NPI to facilitate comprehensive assembly analysis. Rule file management, system installation and configuration options are included. View course details ↓

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Course Highlights

The “Best Practices” process flow is followed to show the additional functionality of VPL with respect to high level DFM analysis. Explanations and examples of the assembly DFM results using VPL are given. Methods of system automation are explored.

The aim of the course is to enable the user to be more proficient in the administration of Valor NPI systems together with a strong understanding of the DFM capabilities offered. Upon completion of the course the user can be considered an “Expert User”.

You will learn how to

  • Understand the recommended process flows, use of Design Centers and Design Process Wizard
  • Definitions of Valor NPI user roles
  • Configurations for ODB++ and BOM outputs from Expedition PCB
  • Engineering Rules File (ERF) Management
  • Valor Parts Library (VPL) introduction and process flow
  • Importing Bill of Materials using BOM Manager and applying VPL package models
  • Perform Assembly Merge of VPL loaded BOM
  • Run comprehensive assembly analysis and understand the results
  • Create rules by area and apply DFM rules
  • Methods of application automation
  • System configurations and installation options

Hands-on labs

  • Create user defined ODB++ and BOM outputs
  • Managing ERF models
  • VPL package drawing
  • Create BOM file with VPL packages
  • Assembly merge
  • Assembly analysis
  • Rules by area


Course Information


Completion of Valor NPI Introduction / regular Valor NPI user

Familiarity with PCB design technology

Familiarity with PCB fabrication and assembly

Course Part Number
  • Classroom: 253374
  • Live online: 244708

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