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Verilog Fundamentals for SystemVerilog

Categories: HDL & Other Languages, SystemVerilog

This class is a prerequisite for engineers who wish to take the SystemVerilog for Verification with Questa course but do not have a Verilog background. It will provide a basic understanding of Verilog so the student can utilize SystemVerilog for design verification. View course details ↓


Full instructor-led courses in a Mentor training facility, with complete course materials and access to classroom computers.

Date Location Time Language Price
Apr 132015 Sesto San Giovanni (MI) Italy 9–5 PM
Italian 65,000 EUR Register
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Course Highlights

Special emphasis is placed on the event queue, blocking and non-blocking assignments and other language underpinnings that are maintained and extended in SystemVerilog.

You will learn how to

  • Write and understand basic Verilog code
  • Describe the basic workings of the Verilog scheduler with event queues, blocking and non-blocking assignments

Key topics

  • Introduction to Verilog
  • Basic modeling structure
  • Lexical conventions
  • Modules
  • Port declarations
  • Module instances
  • Data types
  • Procedural blocks
  • Timing controls
  • Blocking vs. Non-blocking Proc. assignments
  • Operators
  • Programming statements
  • Sensitivity lists
  • Continuous assignments
  • User defined tasks
  • User defined functions
  • File I/O

Course Information

Intended for

Verification engineers planning to use SystemVerilog for their Hardware Verification Language (HVL) who do not already know Verilog.

Familiarity with concepts of simulation
Familiarity with Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP or UNIX operating systems
Course Part Number
  • Classroom: 226904
  • Live online: 241330

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