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VHDL Advanced

Categories: HDL & Other Languages

This course is intended for experienced VHDL users who wish to take their use of the language to a higher level. Emphasis is placed on behavioral techniques, testbench strategies and design management. View course details ↓

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Course Highlights

You will learn how to

  • Model using a behavioral approach with VHDL’s advanced language constructs.
  • Write sophisticated modern testbenches consisting of random stimulus, vector compression techniques for regressions, and basic PSL capabilities for temporal monitoring.
  • Use QuestaSim’s advanced verification capabilities such as coverage, waveform comparison, and code profiling to increase your performance and test confidence.

Hands-on labs

  • Write a behavioral fifo model using linked lists
  • Write a reusable, parameterizable, multi-phase clock generation block
  • Generate random stimulus for verification using algorithmic and LSFR methods
  • Write temporal monitors for verification of bus protocols
  • Write basic PSL sequences for verification
  • Use advanced regression methods such as MISR’s and QuestaSim’s waveform comparison
  • Using QuestaSim’s coverage and profiling tools

Key topics

  • Behavioral modeling in VHDL
    • Using dynamic memory allocation for modeling
  • Generating Stimulus
    • Directed stimulus with files and procedures
    • Random stimulus
    • Co-simulating with C routines
  • Verifying the design
    • Assertion –based verification
    • Brief introduction to PSL
    • Regression Methods
    • Code Coverage
  • Simulation Performance
  • Using code profiling

Course Information

Intended for

Verification Engineers interested in VHDL


VHDL Introduction course or equivalent experience

Course Part Number
  • Classroom: 230368

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