Displaced Worker Program Terms & Conditions

The program is open to experienced EDA (electronic design automation) users who have been unemployed for less than 6 months. Longer periods of unemployment may be permitted in special cases. This program is not open to employed EDA users, or to employees of Mentor Graphics' competitors. The Displaced Worker Program will not be limited to current employees of Mentor Graphics customers or to former Mentor Graphics product users. In fact, we will wholeheartedly support someone who is a former user of a competing product who wishes to learn about Mentor Graphics EDA solutions.

When attending classes as a Displaced Worker Program participant, all travel, lodging and other expenses are the responsibility of the student. The student must adhere to the pre-requisites listed on each course description. We also ask that the student show consideration to the instructor and other students by limiting class participation to the subject of the course.

Due to contractual agreements between Mentor Graphics and 3rd parties, we can not offer the following courses as part of this program:

To qualify for this program, an individual will need to supply:

  • A current resume
  • Proof of previous employment
  • If the individual’s previous employer is a competitor, a letter or notice of termination or displacement will be required.

Access to up to two courses through the Displaced Worker Program is offered on a seat-availability basis. Revenue paying customers will have highest priority and first access to available space in each class. If a program participant is bumped from a scheduled class, the participant will be placed on a waiting list for the next scheduled class.

Anyone who is accepted into the program will be asked for permission to be quoted (i.e. "I really appreciate the Displaced Workers Program!" etc.) by Mentor Graphics Corp. If the participant gains employment based on our training, Mentor Graphics asks that this information will be available for mass distribution. Acceptance in the Displaced Worker Program will include adding applicant's name and contact information to the Displaced Worker Program Attendee's listing in the Employment & Training online community.

Payment terms of this program are subject to change. Mentor Graphics Corp. reserves the right to limit enrollment or discontinue this program at any time.